Uber introduced smart technology so its customers can reach them at ease. It is a simple smartphone technology they use to make a difference. The taxi companies went to fighting with Lyft and Uber because they invented something that works and they couldn’t. That’s one kind of monopoly which is chosen by the taxi company. But it was the wrong track! 

But what was the right track for the taxi cab companies? It would be better for them to introduce customized taxi apps like uber to survive in the tech competition. Then it will be a revolution! New, as well as updated technology,  will come out. After that, more simplest ways will remain at the top of the people’s choice. But taxi companies have done nothing fruitful for them. uber clone

What have the taxi companies done instead of embracing the new innovation? Taxi companies started fighting with Uber, and the matter is like the Uber committed crimes. In the meantime, France disappointed the customers and made their experience bad of using taxi-hailing apps by making a law. Maybe, it was not a great initiative. 

Let’s move to a solution of the story. We can build an app like uber which enables the taxi cab companies to compete with Uber and Lyft by ensuring the control back to the business owners. Isn’t it good? 

Good, but concerning issues is a critical mass. Why? All the taxi company is different, not a part of the same company. But there is a solution. All the companies can talk to a third party system via APIs. It looks like all in one when it works. At the same time, Uber and Lyft also will need to take inventory from these APIs instead of taking directly from the drivers. 

There are two main problems with taxi service companies! How to catch customers? How to reduce the idle time of the drivers? Already, many taxi companies have solved these issues with the help of GPS integration and mobile signals on smart devices. Right now, many companies want to start an Uber clone for their taxi service. But, how it would be if we provide you better something than what you are going to choose? We hope it will be a miracle for you, right? 

We’ve developed taxi app like uber for your cab service in which communication will be much more easier between the passengers and drivers. We’ve also developed a white level taxi dispatch system that helps the passenger to order a ride,  to know any taxi is available in nearby or not, to send a notification to drivers for new assignments, and can inform the managers to overlook the whole process. Our uber clone app can manage all the process with perfection. We hope this app will bring a positive change in taxi cab services. Are you ready to welcome it? how to build an app like uber

How to build an app like uber? We Build Similar Functions!

As Uber has lots of popularity, so if you develop something new, people will search for the same functionalities that they see in Uber. It is not their fault. But do you know what? Every app has similar functions like Uber. Now we’re going to share what features should every booking app possess that we applied and also uber. Let’s have a look at these functionalities in the below. We’are discussing the key functionalities that every booking app posses like uber: 

Maps and Location
It comes to the first consideration. GPS tracking is used to identify the location, helps to find the way, or find the taxicab that you need right now. It is a smart function for every booking app that you see in Uber. Don’t you see this function in Uber? Of course, yes. So, maps and location is a must-have feature that every booking app possesses like Uber. In our taxi dispatch app, you will surely find this function that will help you to know the exact location, or in which direction you are going, and so on. 

In-app Payments
An app without a payment gateway is like a taxi without its battery. Inbuilt payments enable a user to pay for the ride from the app. Now it’s easy to transfer money between drivers through mobile. At the same time, if you want to receive direct payment from your client, you’ll need to use a payment service like PayU, Braintree, Hyper Pay, or Stripe. Using such a payment option like them may increase technical complexities than will lead to an increase in the app cost. 

Built-in module to collect fees from drivers
To use the driver’s credit card while paying them in cashless installments. Our uber clone app helps you to organize your own rules such as set up when, how, how much fess you want to collect from your drivers. The system supervises payment automatically. Time is changed, so no need to remind manual paperwork while creating multiple subscription plans and also selecting a billing cycle. 

Smart analytics system
A smart analytics system is the best privilege to collect all the data. Running a business without analytical data is like driving a car with closed eyes. Collecting data and then analyze them every month, every week or every day will help you to improve your business. Having well-oriented data will also help you to know where you need improvements or where not. You can keep an eye on booking sources, truck number of your orders and assigned vs canceled orders data. 

The authorization has a different purpose. For making an online payment, it is essential. A profile means where you will get placed important information like driver name, contact number, batch number, profile pic, license details. A profile can be more personalized with ratings & reviews. 

An app is the central point of communication. With our taxi dispatch app, you can let your passenger or drivers know about the campaign that you made ready for them. 

Dispatch and Tracking Panel
It helps company owners to track the driver’s status, and the orders created from the passengers. Tracking panels with Google map also helps in booking, managing taxi, controlling drivers, and sometimes trips. API is helpful between apps and transferring messages to and from the call center. Some other features are common to Uber: 




Trip history

Fare calculator

Split payments

Vehicle selection

Referral program

Interactive map and taxi tracking

If you want a custom taxi app like uber that will be better than Uber, then our uber clone app is the best option for you to consider.
We’ve included all the must-have features in it and more that you get in Uber. So, why not customized uber clone app is better than Uber for taxi companies?

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