How taxi dispatch app change our lives?

Gone are the days when one would have to wait hours just to get a taxi, thanks to technology and taxi mobile apps getting a taxi is just a call away. You can now finally relax knowing fully well that your ride is on its way. You can now tell the time range of its arrival. Uber was the first taxi mobile app ever invented but, in no time we began to have uber clones. Of course people saw the opportunity in the business and decided to join the moving train. With Uber been the first there are bound to be difference between it and other taxi booking/dispatcher app which we would further discuss in this article.

The ease of booking a taxi instantly, has greatly complemented to the demand for ride-hailing services, as a result, the taxi business is one of the strongly emerging industries across the world.

Other taxi booking/dispatcher app includes lyft (available in the United States), cabify(available in Spain), taxify(available in Nigeria), grab taxi (available in UK), ola(available in India), hail(available in South East Asia), le cab (available in Paris) just to mention a few. For taxi dispatcher app, taxis are not dispatched from a central location rather it is dependent on the rider location gotten from the mobile phone with the help of GPS. Uber clones are mobile app that has many similarities with the uber mobile app but with a different business name. These clone apps are fully customized, have its own integrated model for revenues. Here is a list of some uber clones and its attribute.

  1. Ride hailing


  • Easy Registration policy for easy booking
  • Auto Tariff Calculation helps the customers to calculate the exact charges for their ride.
  • Location selection
  • Selection of car type
  • Pre-booking of cab
  • Auto Tariff Calculation
  • Location Tracker
  • Fare Estimation based on distance
  • Accepts or decline Ride Requests
  • Payment by card or through PayPal
  1. Taxi hawk


  • Invoice after trip
  • Tracking cab status
  • Booking of cab instantly
  • Cashless Payment
  • View pickup time
  • Manage your profile
  1. Appypie


  • Registration of card for payment
  • Track your driver
  • Selection of cab type
  • Automatic calculation of fare and payment
  • Check your booking history
  1. Uber for x


  • Tracking of trip (live)
  • Book trip for Later purposes
  • Promotional code
  • Cab’s location
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Transactions tracking
  1. Taxi anytime


Fully Automated

Extensive Admin Panel

Fare Estimation

Live trip tracking

Payment by card and cash.

Schedule Booking

Promotional code

Verification of driver status

Email configuration

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