As a matter of fact, it is possible for you to create an app like Uber or make your very own customized uber clone app – one that will even outperform Uber and other similar apps. In this piece, all the steps that you can take in achieving this lofty goal of how to build an app like Uber will be outlined. By making your own taxi dispatch system, you are able to benefit from flexibilities that ordinarily would not have been available to you.

This is a new era and age, an epoch where everything is driven by technology and everything is influenced one way or the other by technology. The best thing that you can also do is to enjoy this experience to the fullest and what better way to do that than to have your very own app. By having your own app, you are able to come up with ideas and features that specifically meet your goals, aims, purposes and objectives.


The trend today is one in which those in the taxi business are seeking ways and strategies to get their services across to as many people as possible. Many have decided to make use of mobile software applications with uber clone script (better known as mobile apps) to get the wanted results. Not even the presence and expansion of giants like Taxify, Uber, Lyft and others are enough to deter these new set of taxi service companies.

There are different factors as to why this is happening and one of the primary reasons for this is a spike in the local markets and because these drivers often have a much better knowledge of the locality in more sophisticated ways than the taxi giants, it makes sense for them to make the best of all the opportunities on ground. Therefore, what these operators do in order to take advantage of the local opportunities is to patronize software developers capable of giving to them what are referred to as the white label apps.

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As white label taxi dispatch software applications are rising in prominence, there are new questions coming up. For example, what sets a taxi dispatch app from a customized one that you get for yourself? What is the quality of service that your customers will get when they use the white label mobile application? How much will it take to get one done excellently? These are some of the questions that twirl in the minds of the stakeholders. But before tackling these questions, it will be nice to discuss quickly the concept of white labels and where they originated from.

The name ‘white label’ is believed to have emerged from the time when disc jockeys presented fresh vinyl records in white packs to a select audience before general publication for the public. So, in the real sense of it, a white label product is one that has been manufactured by one company and packaged then gets purchased by another enterprise. In the software realm, white label concept means the software package that is made in line with the demands of the company that will sell them to the end user. A very good illustration is when a software company designs a health app then sells it hospitals and local medical organizations who then utilizes it for their own needs. That is the whole concept of white label taxi apps as well.

Having explained the concept itself, there are two major ways of designing a white label app. The first one is to make use of the backend codebase but modify the frontend of the app, so it is not the same with the branding of the wholesaler. Another style employed is to design an application that can be used by different people but each of them can tweak the app to meet their individual needs and requirements. Whichever style is used, the results seem okay, but the most important thing is that it should be done in a way to meet the needs and guidelines of the taxi service providers.But, how to build an app like uber?


As expected, white label taxi come in diverse array, but the most common application suite is the one that has the app for taxi drivers, another one for the riders and the passengers and a third one for the dispatch. On any of these packages, the following characteristics are very visible and prominent:

Online interface in the dispatch panel complete with voice over Internet protocol ability: Today, many dispatch apps have the VoiP feature coolly embedded in them. With this feature, drivers and riders alike can communicate very easily without stress. Another thing with the VoiP feature is that it is really cheap and low-cost in many instances. In this age and time, brands are cutting costs and it seems people will always go for the services that have the best blend of high-quality service and the lowest cost. The apps that do not have this feature will surely lag behind and have to do all that is necessary to ensure that they catch up with their contemporaries. Failure to take this vital step may end up spelling doom for the brand itself.

Map integration: This is absolutely vital for both the drivers and the riders. The map is at the heart of the business of taxi hailing. Without the maps, there is no way the drivers will be able to navigate the complex network of routes in different locations and there will also be no way for the riders to connect with their drivers or even be able to check up locations of their destinations. It is safe to say that a white label taxi app without the integrated map is as good as useless. In fact, without the map integration, a white label taxi app is sort of sterile as there is no way the driver will be able to carry out his or her core duty of navigation.

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Having established the importance of map and why they must be embedded in the application, it is very crucial at this stage to also point out some things that are considered salient. A well-established map is very important for taxi dispatcher. There are different types of map products and it is best that you select the finest. This is because if the map feature does not work as it should, then it can jeopardize the entire system. You should not compromise quality because of price, spare no cost when it comes to getting the best of mapping products. The good news with this is that there are many high-quality open source mapping software that you can use so it is not really necessary to waste so much money if one can get the other affordable options. But in a case where there are no suitable open source options, then you be ready to expend some resources on the development and maintenance of these map products. The thing with them is that the more you invest in the mapping software, the better as the investment will eventually reflect in the returns. Have it in mind that you are now doing the entire work for the sake of the ultimate users and those will be none other than the drivers, riders, customers and all types of passengers. The less the stress they all experience while using the map features on your white label taxi app, then the better the reviews and feedbacks that they will provide.

A smart entrepreneur knows how to collect these feedbacks, synthesize and analyze them properly and then come up with solid plan on how to improve the business and at the same time improve the quality of the experience that the users are getting. These are parts of the things that can really promote a business and make it grow rapidly in no time. Entrepreneurs who have the habit of rejecting or ignoring these tiny but important details soon discover that they have been left behind in the race by other business owners who are clearly more proactive than they are.

Therefore, do not make the mistake of thing that the map is just one minor feature of the overall application. This is because it is not, and as stated in the above sections, the quality and excellence of the map integrated into the application can either make or mar the entire ecosystem in which the white label taxi app is expected to operate and function. For those who may not be too sure of how best to go about ensuring that the map features are done properly, that is why there are experts and professionals all over the place. These brains are always willing to assist you with the implementation of the finest map features on your white label taxi app. Therefore, if you happen to have any doubts at any point in time then you can always reach out to any of them for professional assistance.

Payment ports: This is where all the payments via credit cards are done. These ports serve a lot of functions apart from the obvious ones. One of the most important functionalities of these payment ports is that the drivers can get their deductions straight away from the payment ports without having to wait for daily or weekly deductions. By offering a more flexible payment system to the drivers, then one stands an even better chance of getting the word out about the white label taxi app that you have customized for your use. Uber, Lyft and other similar massive taxi apps like Uber are having a very big challenge right now regarding pay of their dispatcher
But if you are able to come up with a better payment plan or system via the payment ports, then you can be sure of recording better performance with the white label taxi app. Once again, if you do not have the needed skills, resource or experience in the field of making the coolest and the most efficient payment ports, then you always have the option of getting the designs done by the experts in the field. One thing that should be considered when getting the payment ports done is the issue of security. Because a lot of transactions will be done via the payment ports and confidential details will be exchanged on a very regular basis. Therefore, if these payment ports are not secure and safe, they can become very vulnerable to all forms of attacks like hacking runs, malwares, phishing scams and so on. So if you do not want your customers or drivers losing all their vital data just for using your payment ports, ensure that the latest and most efficient security features are embedded in the workings of these payment ports.

There is a reason why even the biggest brands in the world spend so much in ensuring that the platforms were transactions are done are always secure and protected from all kinds of attacks. Never joke with having this feature installed alongside the payment ports. This will give all the users a sense of comfort and security knowing that all the transactions that are performed on your platform are not going to be hijacked by some dangerous elements.


Cloud hosting: The cloud option is used because of its incredible security and reliability. Cloud hosting can be simply described as system of hosting in which there are different servers functioning in a decentralized manner. As a result of this way of functioning, cloud hosting systems have turned out to be incredibly reliable and very secure. In fact, the security advantage is one main reason why so many others are going for it. And at a time when security is the most paramount thing now on all electronic and online transactions, it makes a lot of sense for you to go for cloud hosting as well.

Another thing with cloud hosting systems also is that they offer some of the most comprehensive database management features. Considering the fact that your white label taxi app will be in constant use at all times, then it will be very good to take advantage of all that cloud hosting has to offer. It will be for the benefit of your customers at the end of the day, therefore, it is worth it to give it your all. Once the cloud hosting part is done and carried out perfectly, then a huge bulk of the development of the white label taxi app can be said to have been done.

Automatic transaction feature: This is used for getting automated financial transactions done for the drivers as it quickly calculates all the necessary expenses. As said, it will not be a bad idea to have automatic transaction features on the platform. It makes life a lot easier not only for the drivers but also other stakeholders like the passengers, users and other customers. In an age of technology, it is surely the right thing to do when these possibilities are there to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall operations. Once again, there is always the option of consulting with the most experienced in the field to get the best and the most outstanding automated systems integrated in the white label taxi apps.

Data storage functions: By the very nature of the white label taxi apps, once they are deployed and put to full use, there is a lot of data being generated from different sources. There is the stream of data coming from the users who enter their details about themselves, their destinations and even their reviews, suggestions and feedbacks but that is not even all. There are also streams of data that are generated by the drivers who also navigate the various routes on a daily basis. All these streams of data have to be adequately collected and analyzed in a safe place and that is why it is important to have superb data storage functions in place.create an app like uber

It is with the proper storage and analysis of data that you can be able to follow the trends and even measure the performance of the white label taxi apps. Data is at the heart of all the overall operations and without the data being stored properly, one stands the risk of losing everything and the entire architecture of the white label taxi app can even collapse. What the collapse can lead to is very obvious and that is nothing but the demise of the business itself.

Today, there are several options available for data storage, analysis and management. The task before you or the software developing firm that you have hired will be to embed all these functions into your white label taxi app. It must be stated once again that it is one thing to store data and it is another thing entirely to analyze and go through the data and process it to get even newer levels of information. In doing so, you are able to even predict the needs of the customers and know where best to fix improvements.

Frontend customization tab: What is better than giving your riders and passengers the best experience that they can imagine simply by just making use of your white label taxi app? There is definitely nothing better than that. Studies have shown over and over again that passengers and others who use the white label taxi app report having a better experience with the most attractive frontend designs.

Detailed section for data analytics and real-time reporting: This is one of the most productive features that can be ingrained into the fabric of the white label taxi app. By having a section where there can be in-house analysis of all the data that is streaming in from different sources. Then there is also another section that is used for the real-time and live reporting of all the data. Some of these are used in providing updates to both the drivers and the passengers as to the location updates and other relevant information needed throughout the rides.

As the business owner, it is definitely important for you to take this with all levels of seriousness. The whole business of ride hailing depend on and run on data and without analyzing the data, you will find it very difficult if not impossible to keep a track of the flow of the business itself and in a situation where you are unable to keep up with the flow or direction of the business, it means you are drifting in the wrong direction. There is no way one can have any considerable degree of success without paying attention to the data flowing in on a constant basis. It is important to point out that this is applicable to not only the ride hailing business but all forms and kinds of enterprises. Monitoring information is more than important and must not be neglected in any way.

Tab that allows for expansion to be done to the total number of cars in the system. This is particularly useful for taxi service providers who will be expanding and adding more vehicles to their stream from time to time. The reason why this is often hammered upon is that eventually, every successful business is bound to expand beyond the original area or platform that was designed for it at the initial stages. For this reason, you have to plan and think ahead and give room for expansion in the future. You have to learn how to evolve with the time and this is particularly crucial for an industry where there is a lot of quick moves and massive jumps in transformations.

It is the ability to match up with the steady pace of evolution in the business market that will determine how far your enterprise will go. If you refuse to follow the trend and even think ahead of the curve and developing newer solutions to all the problems that customers and drivers report from time to time. As it is in every business, you have to be able to outthink your rivals as that is the only way you can outsmart your competitors for real in the business.

If you are still unsure of how best to go about this, the advice is that you get across to professionals who are very well versed in how to spot trends and how to also quickly work out solutions that are critical to the survival of a business. When one does this properly and carries out all the professional suggestions, one will see that it is actually fun to run a successful business venture. That is one extra reason you should pay attention to this while getting the white label taxi app done for the good of the customers and drivers who will end up making the most of it on a daily basis.



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After discussing the common characteristics expected of them, the next step that will be done now is to discuss the most popular option that many taxi service companies have opted for. In virtually all the cases studied, the clients go for SaaS products and this incorporates a two-tiered subscription payment system, the first payment is for establishing the whole plan and the other one is the payment made every 30 days. The second payment obviously is directly proportional to the quantity of drivers who are utilizing the app. So, what that means is that the taxi service providers are expected to fork out more as the number of taxi drivers on their system increases.

However, it should also be pointed out that these packages are still very much flexible because for an overwhelming proportion of the white label taxi apps on display, companies can actually select whether they prefer their payments to be made based on the population of drivers or the total number of rides made. While some other white label app designers give free setup to companies that have over 100 drivers in their system, some others base their pricing on how big the fleet size is. The fact that there are many options on ground means everything is tilted towards the benefit of the taxi service providers. There are reasons as to why many taxi service companies are choosing white label apps over other alternatives in the sector. One, white label apps get launched on time with no delays, it is also considerably cheaper and pocket-friendly to develop and maintain over time after the launch has been done.



As white label taxi apps like uber continue to gain more prominence and acceptance in the transportation sector, it is relevant to ask of the gains, benefits and advantages that actually stem from them. This will allow for a better understanding as to why they are that popular and what a taxi service company should expect by making use of them. The following sections will touch on the benefits that clients stand to gain when making use of white label apps.

Speed of entry into market: The transport business is one that is constantly evolving and waits for no one. Take for a moment to think of a scenario where there is a cab business in a locality and the business has several vehicles on its system. There is intense rivalry to snap up the passengers but in such an environment, it happens that there is no service provider who is making use of mobile apps. The moment you decide to change the whole game by getting your drivers to use an app, you stand to gain immensely from the demands from the passengers.

But the only trouble here is that if you decide to get an app using the traditional method, it will take a really long time. In fact, some have had to wait for months upon months before the app can be branded and another several months before even the launching can be done. While you are there spending months to wait for your software company to finish the development, your rival will simply outsmart you and you will lose a huge chunk of the business. This delay is avoided when the choice is made to go for white label taxi apps – they have that unbeatable speed of entry into the market, right from the initial stages of development to the branding, testing and development right to the launch, white label apps are simply the best as far as speed is concerned.

This explains one of the reasons why smart taxi service providers are going for them. Timing is everything in any business and of course, the same goes for the taxi business as well. If too much time is wasted in the development of the white label taxi app alone, that gives room for rivals and competitors to outperform you and if this is not quickly checked, you can be on your way out of the market. You should ensure that this never happens by being timely with everything especially when the time comes to get the development of the white label taxi app done.

Reduced cost: Apart from the fact that having to develop an uber clone app using the traditional method will take time, it is also a venture that can be insanely expensive. Much of the cost has to do with the fact that the design is starting from the very beginning but that is not all as other associated costs have to do with getting the services of an expert who will assist in determining how the app should be. In addition to this, you will also need to patronize a software designer who will bring your ideas to life. All these steps cost money and can be a huge drain for any company, so it should not surprise anyone that the local taxi service providers are opting to go for the white label taxi apps in droves. Thanks to the white label taxi apps, companies now have options that are very affordable and can easily fit into their budgets. Add the benefit of getting launched on time to the mix and you will see why this is such a big deal and a real game dispatch system

One other advantage with this is that the money saved can be channeled into other useful stages of the development of the white label taxi dispatch software. A good way to make use of these extra savings is to reinvest them in the research and development aspect of the business. It is no mistake that some of the most successful organizations and businesses on the planet spend a lot in research and development and this is because of the tremendous benefits and advantages that accrue from such efforts. These benefits are also used to improve the white label taxi app which in turn makes life a lot easier for the customers who then keep patronizing you meaning greater revenues for your business and more progress as it all goes on.

Limitless customizations: There is nothing as good as you been able to get your thoughts, ideas and requests coming out in the app you have always dreamed of. White label taxi apps give the immense of being able to customize the app however one wants and since there is no limit to these customizations, there is the possibility of tweaking until one gets nothing but the desired results. Let us face it, no one will turn down limitless ability to customize features in an industry like that of transport.

Realize the fact that all humans are products of emotions – we are all psychological beings and whenever these customizations are being implemented, this fact should be considered. The customizations should be done in such a way that the customers will have an increased sense of comfort and security whenever they are on your platform. At this stage, you may even consider hiring masters of psychology to also work on the design of the white label taxi app so that you can get the maximal effects. Whatever is worth doing at all is definitely worth doing well and this definitely applies here as well. To get the finest and the most useful white label taxi app, you will have to invest a lot of resources but because you will get the coolest benefits in return, it is surely worth every effort made.

Post-launch services: If one purchases apps from the traditional companies, one of the things that gulp all the funds is the maintenance of the same app after it has been launched. In many instances, the fees to maintain an uber clone app are much more than the steady monthly charges. This is even worse when the app is one that is charged based on the number of trips or vehicles signed up to it. All this financial headache does not come with the white label apps. In an efficient package called software-as-a-service, the software companies handle all the support and maintenance work after the app has been launched. So, you can focus on the main task of making passengers have the best services on your platform. The software-as-a-service has made life really easy for so many because ordinarily, maintaining an app after it has been launched can be very stressful and costly. For example, the codes must be updated, appropriate server has to be selected and new features have to either be upgraded or added, all this is not easy maintenance work for the taxi service provider company that seeks nothing else but getting the best of customer experience for their customers.

White label apps make an otherwise hectic task of app maintenance easy and straightforward as it is handled directly by the software developing companies themselves as a part of the whole deal. This also assists in cutting cost of doing business as there are no extra expenses used to hire maintenance engineers and other similar professionals. Many customers are fond of focusing on the aspects of the white label taxi app that they did not enjoy, and they will always find a way to complain to you or your firm. So you should have this in mind while the development of the white label taxi app is being executed. Everything is geared towards the customers mainly because they are the ones that actually drive the entire ecosystem of the taxi business.

Although we have exhaustively discussed the numerous advantages, merits and benefits of the white label taxi apps, in order to get the perfect picture, it is important to also state that there are some challenges that the taxi service provider company should expect, and these will be listed out and explained in the sections below:

Code maybe sort of fixed: If you get a uber clone app as a label taxi app, you need to realize that you are buying a taxi dispatch system package that was mainly developed without your input or suggestions. What this means is that the workability of your white label taxi app depends to a large extent on the integrity of the company that designed it. The code is said to be sort of fixed because you do not have possibility of checking out their backend code so you cannot even test it for yourself until the preview is ready. So, the situation that most taxi service providers find themselves is that they are utterly dependent on what the app developer says about the excellence of their product.

But this is not all a huge problem for the taxi service provider business owner. In order to get the finest of quality, just ensure that you are hiring the app developers with the best reviews and the highest recommendations and that way you will never go wrong. Another thing that gives peace of mind to the business owner is that there are actually many reputable white label app software developers out there that one can select from with no worry about the performance of the apps.

Customized issues: Even though many white label apps give the option of vast customization possibilities, this does not apply to all of them in all cases. This is understandable as the taxi dispatch software are designed to be as general as possible and to keep evolving them to meet more specific needs may mean the business owner having to spend a lot more than was initially budgeted. But the good thing is that the white label apps often have what is typically necessary and needed for the average taxi service provider company to operate and get all the needed results.

Evolution issues: It is widely accepted that in the development of an app, one thing that must be carefully considered is the scalability level of the taxi dispatch app. This is very crucial because it is envisaged that your business will keep growing over time. Therefore, when the app is being developed, there has to be room created for the flexibility that will ensure that the app is always working properly no matter the number of drivers signed up to it or the number of rides it is recording.

But this can be tackled adequately by taking time to discuss this with your software developer. Once they know that you have future scalability in mind for your app, the feature can then be embedded in such a way that this possibility can be accommodated. Once again, it is not a challenge that cannot be surmounted, it can be solved – all you need to do is to communicate properly even before the testing, design and development of the app commence.

Update issues:Some of the complaints that have been recorded by users of white label apps have to do with not getting regular updates as expected. However, just as it was stated in the section above, all you need to do is to spell it out that you will appreciate regular and relevant updates. All these can be fixed as long as the requirements are clearly spelt out to the software developers. Therefore, nothing should be done based on assumptions because that is the main reason why many end up not getting the results that they envisaged in the first place.

It is important you let the tech units know you will appreciate if constant updates can be provided and even the areas that updates will focus on. All these moves ensure that you can get nothing but the most valuable services for the app. This benefit by extension is passed on to the drivers and passengers alike. Remember, it is all about communicating as expected and shunning all types of assumption when it comes to software development. These are software packages that are meant for the market so it is very instructive that everything at every stage should be done as expected without any hitches of any kind.

Control issues:White label apps will be best for you if you are the type of entrepreneur who has no problems with relinquishing some of the control of your enterprise over to another party. Take for example, if you decide to utilize SaaS software products for your white label taxi apps, you are expected to give them access to your customer information. This is often the case because of the cloud hosting packages used to ensure steady and reliable performance of the app itself. This matter of allowing another organization have access to and control of the data of your clients can be a bit of a hassle for some taxi service providers.

Compatibility with app stores: Apple is notorious for having very stringent rules in place before admitting a new app into the platform. Nothing can be more painful for a taxi business provider than realizing that the white label taxi app that much has been invested in got kicked off or even rejected from the app store. This mainly affects white label taxi apps that have developed by unreliable and dishonest developers. Therefore, the best way to ensure that the white label taxi app that you are making use of ticks all the right boxes on the app store is to ensure that you procure the services of only those who are regarded as the most reliable and trustworthy in the software industry. A way to be sure that you are hiring the best developers is to check out the reviews that other clients have left for them or you ask those who have used their services in the past.

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By doing this, one is able to prevent the unfortunate incidents of having apps yanked off the store. In cases where apps are yanked off the online stores, it can have devastating effects on the business where services can be paralyzed in an instant. In order to ensure that this does not happen or occur in any form or way whatsoever, it is of utmost importance that you secure the services of first-class developers. The following section of the piece will show us how best to know if you have selected a really good and honest provider. In recent times, the requirements needed for entry into these app stores are becoming bulkier and are becoming more stringent. This is being pointed out so that you can put it in mind and fully get prepared for it. You should always take time to discuss this with the taxi dispatch software developing firm that you have hired to get the white label taxi app done. It can be really devastating for you to put in all the efforts at the initial stage only for you to start having all sorts of issues when the time comes to get registered in the app stores. It is in order to prevent such a catastrophe from happening that it is being pointed out here again for the sake of emphasis.


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