The world is evolving and so also are the things in it. Technology has made a lot of things easier, safer and faster. Gone are those days when things were hard to accomplish but with technology, now we are able to carry out those things without stress and it proves to be more efficient. These innovations come in various ways. For example, in the line of communication, technology has made it a lot easier, you can contact and text your loved ones from the corners of your rooms not minding the distance. That is not where we are laying our emphasis today. As regards, transportation, technology through innovative minds has made it a lot simpler. For example, in getting a ride, you had to wait on the roadside till a taxi came your way, but what happens if a taxi never comes your way? Technology has made this easy; you can even get a ride within 2 minutes on the phone. How is this possible? Through taxi dispatch software, this has been made simple.

taxi dispatch system

This service through apps has made the transportation process between the driver and the customer easier. We are not going to be looking at it from the customers view but rather we are going to be looking at it from the driver’s side. This innovation has opened the eyes of many to the great income earning opportunities that is in transportation. This is because the process has been made simpler; you don’t have to wait for hours before you get customers. All you need to do is to register as an agent or contractor in one of the apps that are providing these services and your business has begun. The question that is going through a lot of people’s mind right now is that, “how do I get people to order for my services or how do I get a customer base?” Well, think no longer because I am going to give you tips that will make your services bloom as a new driver. So, why don’t you fasten your seat belt and pick up a pen and paper because I am going to be taking you through a field where you can get skills and make your services better.



One thing about Taxi Dispatch Apps is that they take their customer reviews seriously. The probability of people choosing you as a driver when needed again is based on the reviews in form of stars that other customers that you have carried had given. As a customer who is looking for a driver on your dispatch app to get you to where you are going safely, you will definitely want a person that has well reviews from the people he has carried. The question now is that, how do you get people to give you good reviews so that customers can patronize you over and over again?


1] Make sure that refreshments and water is made available: You might be thinking why you should do this? Is it really necessary? What benefits does this bring? Well, let me enlighten you. The provision of refreshments and water will not only help you in the increment of the level at which you make your income via the customers but it will also help you as a driver to be well hydrated and focused. Let’s look at it from the customer’s point of view. If refreshments are made available in the car, the customer will be surprised a first but will be very pleased with your creativity and will likely give you a good review.


Just imagine, if you were caught up in a traffic jam for a very long time. Your customer/passenger will definitely be hungry or need something to crunch on while the traffic holds. If you provide such person with refreshments, they will be very happy and will even recommend you to friends. Just see this as an investment in which you are definitely going to get a lot of profits.


Keeping refreshments and water handy can also be very beneficial to you as a person. How is this possible? You will definitely get hungry during the day and while trying to fill your stomach, you will spend a lot of time doing so. The time you used in doing this is very valuable and can be used in carrying another customer to make more money. So, making refreshments, snacks and water available will make your income rate higher. This is due to the fact that time was saved. As the saying goes, “Time is money.” This is a very important tip that you should take note and put into use. And who knows, the customer might even give you a tip for being so hospitable.


2] Do not follow the multitude: You might be wondering why this is a tip. Well, let me explain why this is very important. You must make sure that you do not follow the recommended way of making more money. For example, a lot of your colleagues have told you that there are some certain places that you make more money due to the fact that it is loaded with people who are mostly rushing to get somewhere. One of these includes night bars on Saturday. It is said that you will definitely get a lot of customers because it will be filled. What if I told you that, it is those places that you will earn less money? The fact remains that as your colleagues told you that those places are money making spots, they will also tell other drivers. Thus, making the place filled with drivers and with this you will make less money.


I will advise you go to those places that are not really the money making sites because it is there you will find more customers due to the fact that other drivers have ignored such places. The funny thing is that, the higher the number of drivers in an area the lesser the price to be paid but the lesser the number of drivers in a particular place the higher the price to be paid. So, why don’t you stop following the multitude to earn pennies when you can follow your own way and earn a lot for yourself? Be wise and don’t follow the herd.

taxi dispatch software

3] Stop driving around endlessly: This is very crucial to your money making rate. How can this be useful? Is it not when I drive around that people will book me? Well, this is true but it is not advisable. Why is this so? Well, if you are driving around aimlessly expecting that you will be alerted to come and pick up a customer, it is not advisable. This is due to the fact that, the amount of gas you will use in going to pick the person from a long distance is nothing compared to the destination of such person because you don’t know where the person is going. For example, if you are driving around and you are pinged to pick up a person that is 10km away, the amount of gas you will us will the much more than what will be used if such person’s destination is just 5km away from the pickup point. Isn’t that a loss?


Also, if where you are coming from to pick the person is far away, the customer might cancel the transaction due to the fact that you did not get there on time or it took so long. So, why waste your time and resources? You should stick to a particular area, avoid the suburbs and with that you are preserving your resources and getting a deeper and a more familiar customer base.


4] Use the passenger app: You might be surprised at this because as a driver, why would you use the passenger app? Well, it is very helpful when you use the passenger app; the reason is because the passenger app has some features that the driver app does not have. For example, with the passenger app, you can know where other drivers are located and this can help you in selecting a place that is less competitive and not loaded with a lot of drivers. Isn’t that a life hack? The reason why you don’t get customers or orders sometimes is due to the fact that many drivers are where you are and you can’t possibly know but with the passenger app, you are assured of safe locations.


For example, a friend of mine who is also a driver through taxi dispatch system was at a stadium entrance waiting for orders because he thought that he would get a lot of customers due to the multitude of people at the stadium but to his surprise, he didn’t get any. This was because many drivers were also at that location. So, I told him to go to the other side of the stadium and in not more than 2 minutes he got a customer.


5] Try to courteous and polite: It should be no news to you that whenever you are involved in a business that involves customer’s service; you have to be very polite and courteous. You should be very lively to the customer. People always like someone who is polite and knows when and when not to talk. Be mindful of what you say. Do not be rude. Be careful not to let your emotions get into your interaction with the customer. I know we all go through hard times sometimes but you should be careful not to let this get in the way of your services.


This is actually the best way to increase your driver rating because the customer’s will definitely give you a rating based on the experience they had while in your car. So, try to be very polite. It is not until you come out to open the door for the customer because that will be very weird. Try to be polite in all ways.  


6] Be punctual: The main purpose of the taxi dispatch apps is to ensure an easy and faster access to get to where you are going. Now, imagine if the customer was delayed and didn’t get to his/her destination on time. The reviews he/she will write about the driver. Therefore, you should be always on time in order to have a large customer base. If you are on time, the customer will likely request for you the next time he/she needs a driver and with time you have got yourself a customer.


7] Know your route around the town: The ability to be able to get to the customer and the ability to be able to get the customer to where he/she is going on time is two different things. You should know the route and layouts of your area or town very well. How will this help? This will go a long way increasing your driver star level. There are situations which hold someone up like traffic and blocked roads. In times like this, you should be able to know other routes that are faster. This will not only surprise the customer but he/she will also write good reviews about you and with that start recommending you to friends and family which will be financially good to you.


Know your way around town because in doing so, you are making a lot of money for yourself indirectly. The customer might even give you a tip at the end of the day for getting them to their destination on time despite the elements of obstructions that were on the way. Such customer will definitely request for you another time. I have a friend who is also a driver. This friend of mine carried a customer one particular day. There was traffic throughout the major roads in town but due to his knowledge of the routes he could take, he got the man there on time and to his surprise, the man gave him a very large tip and recommended him to all his workers who were more than 20. Isn’t that great?


8] Be friendly: You should be very friendly to the customers. There is a large difference between being friendly and being polite. You should try to talk with the customers, be very jovial. Some customers might have gone through a lot that day and just need someone to talk to. You should make sure that while talking you do not ask personal questions because most people will find it very wrong and this might not be good for you. Try to study the mood of the customer. If he/she is in the right mood, you can go ahead but if otherwise don’t. it is very important to do what will please the customer. Some drivers are very rude to their passengers and this is not a good thing at all. Even when you are provoked, always do your best to remain as calm as possible. A taxi driver will always carry different human beings with different personalities so always remain professional at all times – no matter the level of the provocation.


9] Keep your car clean: You should keep your car clean at all times. Make sure that your car is very presentable and doesn’t have litters. I remember taking a car that was so dirty. You do not have to ask me that rating I gave the driver. So, try to always keep your car clean at all times. It is not a cool thing at all for your customers and passengers to be stained simply because you took them on a ride. Always maintain the highest levels of hygiene and you will be impressed with how much passengers will love your services.


10] Dress responsibly: It is very important for you to dress appropriately because this will determine a lot of things. I am not saying that you should dress like you are going for an international conference meeting but you should dress moderately because you will be addressed by the way you dress. Many people want to see their driver dress responsibly because that will give them a feeling that they are in safe hands and they don’t have to worry about a thing. So, make sure you dress responsibly at all times.


11] Sleep well: This is one of the most important tips that I can give to you. You should make sure that you sleep at least 7-8 hours per day because it is when you have a sound sleep that you can focus on the day’s work. You definitely do not want the customer to catch you dozing while driving; that will be very bad. It is important for you to sleep well so that you can be mentally alert and friendly.


12] Supplementary items: You should offer supplementary services in order to boost your driver rating star. These supplementary services include provision of charger for the customer to charge his/her phone, provision of puzzles and games to keep the customer busy while the service is going on. By offering these services, there is a very high chance that your rating will definitely be skyrocketing.


13] Part time drivers: It is advised that if you are doing this job as part time you should drive during the busiest hours. You are most likely to make more money there.


14] Be a passenger: This is very important if you are going to be taking this job full time. Before you start as a driver, it is important you take the service and experience what it feels to be a passenger. Look at the things you need to improve upon when comparing your services with the driver’s services. You should look at it from a passenger’s view and deduct the things that the passengers will want to experience and have.


15] Ensure you take breaks: If you are taking this job full time, it is important that you take breaks. This is very important because then you will be able to rest and relax you eyes and brain. You will also be able to calculate and plan the rest of your day. I mentioned the use of the passenger’s app earlier, it is during this break that you will be able to see where is not highly competitive and then be able to further your businesstaxi dispatch strategies.


16] Be creative: In essence, you should be very creative. All the things I have mentioned above have to do with how creative you can be. You should try to do something that is not common, something that the customers won’t find in another that will make you unique. For example, there was this driver that I enter his car and when I entered, there was a back and neck massage device that was attached with the car seat. So, not only was he taking me to my destination, he was also giving me a massage for free. I definitely gave him full stars and even recommended him to my friends. Try to be creative in your own way and I can assure you that you will be earning a lot more than you imagined. People will always tell others the good things that they have experienced so try to take advantage of this.



It has been a wonderful ride. You should take note of all these tips I have given you because with them you are set for the business world. It should be noted that being a good driver and being a good service provider are two different things. Be a good service provider and your customer base will be ever growing. Do not be worried that the customers might not come on time due to the fact that you are a new driver but hat remains the fact is that if you follow all these tip and put them to good use, you will definitely be a full star driver.

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