When it comes to driving a taxi for a living, there are many factors you need to consider as you prepare to do your job.  What is needed is different for what stage of your driving career you are at. If you are beginning your career you may want to consider keeping your expenses down. If you are an experienced driver then you can consider adding things that will add to your costs but ultimately help you improve your job. These tools include uber clone app to items you carry in your car. 

When adding items like these uber clone app to your car for your job, there are things you need to think about. You need to think of your customers and what they will be seeing when they get in your car. The items listed below are to make your car not only look its best but be prepared for anything that may happen. With luck, you will have nothing but smooth trips, but in case things do not go as planned, the list of taxi dispatch software below will help you get a hand on what you will need and you can add whatever items you feel you will need on your trips 

1. Google Maps
Google Maps is a must-have for any taxi driver. It will give you step-by-step driving directions in real-time. It will also give you traffic updates and reroutes once an accident or problem is uploaded to their system so you will be constantly on the fastest and best route for your customers at all times. Like many uber clone app, it also takes up very little space on your device which means it will consistently run smoothly as well as not use up your data or waste your time with slow updates. It comes in over 70 languages and provides you with detailed business information for any customer that may have more questions or seek more information. taxi dispatch software

2. Weather Maps & Storm Radar
This is a handy uber clone if you are consistently driving for your job. It will give you the latest weather information and provides you with the latest movement patterns for any incoming storms. Not only will you be altered ahead of time if severe weather is expected, but you will also be able to plan your routes around it if it is possible and help you avoid troubles. Like many taxi dispatch software, it will also help you do your best during the worst weather conditions so your customers can find their way to their destinations despite the weather problems.

3. Heated Travel Mugs
Many taxi drivers will be driving regardless of the weather and the temperate and this is where uber clone app come into play. Have a heated traffic mug can be exactly what a taxi driver needs. It can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or the port for charging electronic devices and will consistently keep your daily cup of coffee hot for you and keep your day warm and moving forward. You can even keep a thermos of coffee on board so you can refill as your day goes on. 

4. Booster Cables
Being prepared for anything means knowing that there can be unexpected problems with your vehicle. Having booster cables in your car means you can get a jump n matter where you are so long as the kindness of strangers will aid in your jump. It also means you can get back out on your route and back to work quickly without the loss of income from having your car towed or letting it sit by the side of the road not letting you work. 

5. A Car Phone Mount
Most of your driving and things that are done in the pursuit of your job will require your phone. It is worth the time effort and money to track down a good quality car mount that will not only hold your phone securely and keep it from turning during basic driving but will provide you will the added strength to hold it when road conditions are not ideal. Make sure it is one that will make viewing while you are driving easy. 

6. Mileage Log for Taxes
When it comes to keeping track of your mileage for your driving, it is a must not long to keep track of how much you are driving and to where, but also because you can declare it as a business expense and get reimbursed for what you spent doing your job. Uber clone app can be of benefit here too. You can, of course, keep a log by hand as you go and there are several you can buy online that will work perfectly for this, but you can also use your phone. 

a. MileQ
Mile Q is an automatic tracking app that records your driving between each destination and pickup. It runs in the background of your drive and makes a record of your mileage. It can even send you weekly reports you can use to help you keep track. Taxi dispatch software can also help in the tracking. 

b. TripLog-Automatic Mileage Log
Triplog automatically logs your mileage using GPS. This Uber clone syncs the data to the Triplog web to help you keep track and generate reports. It has an auto start feature that pops on when you plug into a power source or are driving more than 5 mph. It is perfect to itemizing your mileage to help with later tax deductions.

7. iPhone/android charger
There will come a point in every taxi drivers life when someone will get into his taxi and ask if he has a way to charge their phone because it is about to die. Having one on hand and allowing your customer to charge their phone while you drive will help more than one customer be extremely grateful. It can also lead to more positive reviews at the end of their trip. You can include a power strip of charger cables if you think it is necessary especially on those busy Friday nights downtown. A very useful application of a uber clone.uber clone

8. A pen and paper
Eventually you will need to make your own notes in your car or a customer will require a pen and paper to make their own notes whether because they are taking a business call and have been caught without a quick easy noting pad handy or maybe they are an aspiring musician and they just had an amazing idea for a song. Whichever the reason, having a pad and paper handy is a must. You may not need uber clone app to pull this off. 

9. Gum or Mints
Offering your guests gum or mints is a nice thing to do. Maybe they are having a bad day and it will make it better. Either way, it is a small kindness that will help with ratings. 

10. Water
Having water on board can be a lifesaver in a lot of ways. If the day is unusually warm, it is a nice thing to offer a customer a drink. It also helps if someone is drunk and they end up in your car. It will help them stay hydrated and will help your car remain active for the rest of the evening without you needing to stop at a car washing station to take care of any messes that end up in the back. It will help you keep working and keep your car nice. It is also something you can deduct from your taxes as a needed business expense.  It’s also good to stay hydrated on your drives so keeping drinking water on board as well as water for personal use is smart.


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